Precision Crank Grinder

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  • PREMIUM MILL GRINDER, AEROSPACE GRADE ALUMINUM – Precision milled 4 piece, 3 chamber aluminum hand crank grinder from the "MasterGrind Shield Series" range of grinders for dried herb, spices and tobacco. Made from Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy and using 100% CNC machined pieces that fit perfectly together. Fixed Hand Crank mechanism will not loosen over time unlike inferior folding versions.
  • PERFECT GRIND EVERY TIME! - Razor Sharp "Lion's Tooth" curved diamond teeth cut and fluff your herb - ensuring the optimal surface area is exposed. The Non-Stick Nylon O-ring ensures smooth grinding, preventing metal-to-metal contact and residue build-up.
  • MAGNETIC LID PREVENTS SPILLAGE, MICRON SCREEN CATCHES ULTRA FINE GRINDS - Powerful Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets - the strongest permanent magnets available - hold the lid of the grinder tightly shut to avoid spillage. And, the Micron Screen catches the finest grinds and pollen in the third chamber.