Dragon Ball Z 4 Chamber Grinder

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  • ESCAPE THE DAILY GRIND WITH THIS ONE-OF-A-KIND ACCESSORY: This Dragonball Z Grinder won't grant your every wish, but it will grind your tobacco, herbs, and weed perfectly every single time. Its vibrant orange colors and iconic multi-star design is a nostalgic childhood throwback to the best anime series of all time. They're ideal for grinding weed, tobacco, and even actual herbs - if you're into that kind of thing.
  • UNLIKE CHEAP COMPETITORS, OUR HIGH-QUALITY WEED GRINDERS ARE A GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY: Don't mess around with cheap plastic grinders that give an uneven, chunky grind. Our interlocking 3-piece grinding mechanism reduces any plant matter to a fine, rich powder. We use high-quality metal blades that preserve flavor while delivering a deliciously smooth pollen texture, free of shavings. A powerful neodymium magnet holds the lid firmly in place and keeps your grind fresh for hours.
  • AN AUTHENTIC PRESENT FOR YOUR FAVORITE DRAGONBALL Z ENTHUSIAST: Summon the Eternal Dragon and grind your herb with ease. These nostalgic treats are an awesome birthday present for the anime fan, or a quirky, offbeat addition to your Dragonball Z cosplay. Plus, the immaculately polished blades will stay razor sharp through hundreds of uses.
  • COMPACT SIZE AND CLEVER DESIGN LOOK ARE 9000 BETTER THAN COMPETITORS: At 2.2 inches, this grinder is small enough to tuck into your jacket pocket, backpack, or purse, allowing you to effortlessly grind on the go. A handy kief catcher keeps the mess contained, and two chambers provide a fine grind. We've even included a stylish, sophisticated box to keep everything organized and discrete.
  • GRAB YOUR DRAGONBALL WEED GRINDER BEFORE THEY'RE GONE: We do our best to keep this Dragonball Z Weed Grinder in stock at all times, but it's one of our most popular items. Be sure to snag yours before they run out.