How To Roll A Blunt With A Rose Petal


There are trends for everything these days, including weed. The latest? Rolling blunts with rose petals. It all began when Twitter user posted a how-to video on the art of conjuring a rose petal blunt. Not long after it hit the web, people couldn’t help but ask questions. For starters, they wanted to know how safe smoking on a rose really is. Also, how on earth does it taste? The conclusion is it can’t be any worse than tobacco. And apparently, the flavor isn’t bad, either. So if you want to join in on rolling rose petal blunts we’ve got you, fam.

So long papers, rose petal blunts are where it’s at



The woman behind this new craze is Twitter user


. A few weeks ago, she posted a how-to video on rolling rose petal blunts. Not exactly the weirdest thing to do, but people are freaking out nevertheless.

Of course, the questions started pouring out. The web had to know more. And can you blame them? Smoking bud wrapped up in rose petals isn’t exactly something you see every day.

The primary concern was safety. Can smoking on roses really be that healthy for you? And how does it taste?

Eventually, everyone concluded that smoke, in general, can be harmful. So you might as well roll a blunt with something natural, like rose petals, instead of tobacco.

And that’s what people are doing, y’all. The shock didn’t last long, that’s for sure. Everyone is trying it out for themselves,

How to roll a rose petal blunt



First things first, grab the essentials:

Three rose petals One oven-safe pan

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to begin. To start, line your three petals together on the oven-safe pan. Then, set your oven to broil, and put them in for about 10 seconds.

After removing the pan, you will notice that the petals are darker in color, which is what you want. The next step is to line up the petals by licking the bottoms. They should all be sticking together.

Now, place them back on the pan and set them back in the oven for 10 more seconds. Then, remove them and wait about two minutes before adding in your bud. They will be nice and crisp, but still workable.

Finally, drop in your strain of choice, ground up, of course, and proceed to roll as normal. And there you have it folks, the rose petal blunt. Enjoy!