Are Weed Drive Through Windows Coming To A Town Near You?


Have you ever thoughts "Damn, how awesome would it be if I could get my weed and my munchies without having to get out of my car?".  If you haven't thought it yet, you haven't been smoking enough.  If you have thought it before, well you may soon be in luck!


It may not be the first sate in the state to allow this, but California may soon have pot shop drive throughs!  Hopefully there's one next to every In N' Out.



Oregon and Colorado, the other two recreational homies, currently allow drive through sales of cannabis.  Alaska, Nevada and Washington will hopefully catch on soon as well.



Massachusetts still hasn't decided whether or not they'll allow drive-up pot shops, so they are currently leaving it in the hands of the Cannabis Control Commission.  Being a born and raised Bostonian- I wouldn't be too mad about this.