5 Flavored Wraps You Need To Try Right Now


Everybody has their own favorite wraps, these are our top 5!


  • Zig Zag Peach Blunt Wrap
  • Everybody knows and love Zig Zags, but this peach wrap is seriously of this world.


  • Juicy Mango - Papaya Blunt Wrap
  • I'm a sucker for fruit flavors, in case you couldn't tell.


  • Good Times Flat Wraps Passion
  • These wrapped up and burned so nicely, try some good times flat wraps sometime!



  • Blunt Wrap Wild Honey Double Platinum
  • The honey flavor was great, it flavored the smoke, not just the actual wrap.



  • Cyclone Blue Chill Blunts
  • These are just crazy, everybody should try one of these.  Look up Cyclone Chills if you haven't heard of them yet!